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the single greatest moment of the series


the single greatest moment of the series

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Frank Ocean, Tyler, and Earl are going to be at the Pemberton Music Festival!

Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 11th, at 10AM (PDT).

I went to the first one so many years ago. This line up looks killer. 

You should subscribe to this magazine. 


Pakistani group makes giant poster of child for drone operators to see

A group called #NotABugSplat unraveled a 90 x 60 foot vinyl poster of a girl facing up to the sky in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Northwest Pakistan. The child remains nameless, but organizations that helped launch the project said she lost both her parents in a drone strike.

The group said it hopes drone operators see the picture and think twice about an airstrike.

World Pirate Party

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These dudes are playing in Saskatoon tonight!

I loved her before she played a note, just from looking at her and talking to her and realizing what her spirit was." - Graham Nash about Joni Mitchell

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Dodododdododdododododododdodododo Hooded Fang’s “GRAVEZ” LP by HOODED FANG


Imagine if we spend a quarter of the money spend on war machines on education, health care, green energy, or just straight up gave that money back to the ppl?